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North Carolina’s Mobile Sports Betting May Launch For NFL Season

North Carolina Sport
North Carolina's Mobile Sports Betting May Launch For NFL Season
Image Source: Pixabay

North Carolina’s House of Representatives is planning a discussion and vote mobile sports betting bill.

The bill which has already been approved by the state Senate last year is set to be discussed by the House of Representatives.

Senate Bill 688 passed through the Senate last year and there have been reports that enough support to pass the House during the even-year short legislative session which kickstarted Wednesday last week.

State Governor Roy Cooper has revealed that he will sign any online sports betting legislation that has been passed by lawmakers.


12 Online Sports Betting Operators To be Launched

At the moment sports betting is currently available but it’s limited in its spread, it is only available at retail sportsbooks located in North Carolina’s two Cherokee Casinos.

Peradventure the bill is passed, the legislation will allow many online sports betting operators to launch mobile sportsbooks in the state which will be in the range of twelve 12, or more.


In an interview with WRAL News, the State Senator Paul Lowe who’s the bill sponsor stated that

” We just want to make sure we have drummed up the votes, and I think we have. I feel confident about it.” —-Paul Lowe —- The State Senator 

He pinpointed that the legislation would allow the state to generate millions in supplementary revenue while reducing the use of unregistered offshore sportsbooks in the state:

“When individuals see other companies that are doing the same thing and doing it in our state, and we are not getting any revenue from it, a light bulb kind of goes off. People are doing this anyway.

That’s a lot of lost revenue that our citizens are participating with, and we are getting nothing out of it and some of the those offshores sites are not safe and conducive.” —-Paul Lowe —- The State Senator


State Representative Jason Saine, a staunch supporter of the bill also told WRAL news

“We are ready to rock ‘n’ roll. I have not heard any new opposition. I think we have a pretty smooth glide path once we do kind of start rolling into session.” —-Jason Saine —- State Representative


The Senate bill will allow all online sports wagers to be input on all professional sports, eSports, and college sports, some amateur sports such as those played at the Olympics in the past and present.

The wager will not be allowed in any high school sports or horse racing activities.


Operators To Pay A License And Renewable Every 5 Year

The new legislation will allow all mobile sports betting operators to pay a license fee of $500,000 for an initial five year-on period. This license can be renewed for $100,000 for a further five year-on period.

Sports betting in North Carolina would be supervised by the Lottery Commission while there would be an eight percent (8%) tax on adjusted gross revenue AGR.


Still, House representatives have shown that while they would pass the bill in its initial form, they would look forward to passing a second bill that would double the license fee and raise the tax rate to about fourteen percent (14%)


Saine also added that he expects the launch to come soon then it is expected

“It’s conceivable, if not by the first of football season, but I do think everyone who is involved in it has known something might become. it’s not a shock to anyone.”Jason Saine —- State Representative

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