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North Carolina Online Sports Betting Bill Failed To Scale Through House Committee

North Carolina Bill Rejected
North Carolina Online Sports Betting Bill Failed To Scale Through House Committee
Image Source: Pixabay

The house committee has declined North Carolina’s online sports betting bill.

North Carolina’s online sports betting bill has hit a brutal end as efforts to legalize the regulated online sports betting market met a drawback yesterday. The House declined one of the two companion bills that would legalize mobile sportsbooks in the state.


The House committee sat yesterday evening on a bill almost at the point of scaling through and seeing approval. The bill was rejected on a vote cast by the house committee, and the results arrived at a 51 – 50 vote count.


The House has already approved Senate Bill 38 and 688

Although the Senate Bill 38 and Senate Bill 688 were approved on Tuesday by the House Committee. However, the representatives in the House Committee approved Senate Bill 38 by a single vote count of 51 – 50 after it was deliberately modified to remove wagering on college sports from all legislation.


In the meantime, Senate Bill 688 closely escaped defeat by a vote of 51 – 50, leaving the dream of establishing a regulated market in the course of the legislative session floating in the balance. The House committee also disallowed an attempt to bring back the rules committee.


Senate Bill 38 To Face Second Vote

Senate Bill 38 will undergo a second vote for final approval, but the legislation depends solely on accepting Senate Bill 688 for everything to go smoothly. The two bills experienced a harsh criticism in the House, with members from both ends airing their views against the legislation, with some even reaching far to state what was wrong in the right state of mind.


There was hope that the removal of college sports betting may have diverted the vote in favor of the bill, but it was not the case. Representative Jason Saine, a strong supporter of the bill, highlighted that it was not clear what would be revealed next but that he would ask that Senate Bill 38 be retrieved back to the committee to properly remove any wording that makes the bill depend on Senate Bil 688 he said;

” We may end with a bill before the end of the session that will serve for sports betting. I don’t know yet.” —- Rep Jason Saine — House Representative —-

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