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Eddie Tipton Parole Revoked For Hot Lotto Fraud Mastermind

Eddie Tipton, pictured arrested for a hot lotto mastermind that ripoff millions of dollars. (Image: WHO13 News)

A few days to the release of America’s most creative lottery fraudster, Eddie Tipton has had his parole revoked, according to The Des Moines Register reports


According to Iowa Board of Parole Chairman Andrew Boettger, Tiptop was the primary subject of discipline in the prison, to make sure He was fit for society’s standards.


Howbeit, this was enough for the board to walk back on its decision of January 20th to grant him his liberty as a native of Texas.


Tipton has almost completed five (5) years of the 25 years prison sentence on him when the board was obliged to grant him parole for excellent behavior.


Several criteria were considered that it is likely that such an event will not occur aftermath and would not be a danger to the community where he lives.


Tipton was convicted in 2017 for grand theft and computer crime, an activities he has done at least five (5) times in five states between the period 2005 and 2011


This was made known by the former head of security at the Multi-State Lottery Association MUSL in lowa.


The parole was supposed to come with some prohibitions which include:

A prohibition from profiting from his fame

A ban by his former employer to seek book deals and movie rights for his story

And accepting paid speaking engagements.


Tipton was part of the team that built the random number generator for the Multi-State Lottery Association MUSL which enabled him to install a self-destructive malware that allowed him to predict the winning numbers on a three days play point in a year.


This led to the accusation of tampering with the surveillance cameras to conceal the crime hitherto made.


Tipton has first known fraudulent claim occurred in Colorado with a $4.8 million jackpot on 23 November 2005. The prize had three winners of which one was traced to an associate of Tipton’s brother named Tommy Tipton.


Tommy Tipton was a magistrate judge in Fayette County Texas, and also an enthusiastic Bigfoot hunter.


When this happened, he was in Colorado pursuing his Bigfoot obsession and was able to arrange for a friend to claim the money



The final win of Tipton’s undoing in 2011 was the biggest, and it aroused the interest of every lotto official. They became suspicious about an aborted attempt to claim a whopping sum of $16.5 million jackpot via a legal firm within days of the tickets expiring.


Tipton plot discovered

Officials examined the security video from the Des Moines convenience store where all the tickets had been purchased a year earlier,  they were shocked to see their colleague Eddie Tipton


According to Police interviews, Tipton claimed he was overworked and undervalued by his employer at the time. he also said he warned them repeatedly about security flaws in the system which no one took seriously


The court ordered Tipton to pay the sum of $2.2 million in restitution to the state lotteries which he argue in a lawsuit that lowa authorities charged him for restitution in states where they had no jurisdiction to operate. He said he doesn’t have the money to pay


He claimed he only made the sum of $351,000 from the game plan, and until this day, it is still unclear what happened to the rest of the money said, Tipton


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